Over 14.5 Million children in the U.S. and around the world suffer from chronic illnesses such as Asthma, Diabetes, and HIV/AIDS that have forced them to grow up too quickly and to miss out on many experiences that healthy children and their parents frequently take for granted. Angelwish provides a way for generous businesses and people to fulfill a variety of wishes that brighten the lives of children with chronic illnesses and their parents.

Mission and Vision was created in 1999 to provide the public with an easy way to grant wishes to the millions of children around the world who live with chronic illnesses.

Angelwish’s relationships with generous corporate sponsors and its unique, web-based interface ensure that 100% of individual donations are used for program services, i.e. to grant the wishes of young people at more than 125 hospitals and care centers around the world. And that those funds are extended, where possible, to incorporate an educational component giving young people a hands on lesson in philanthropy.

Angelwish’s unique and proprietary web-based wish-granting system offers powerful and enriching benefits to every participant: 
Businesses: Access to an easy-to-understand, website for employees to grant reasonably-priced wishes; greater choice and impact for employees, who can make cash gifts of any size or purchase specific wish list items; enhanced productivity; flexibility to offer wish-granting opportunities throughout the year and significant OP/EX savings

  • Schools/students: ͞The Students Give Back͟ curriculum contributes to the development of soft skills, such as empathy, and enhances character-education programs through hands on activity Social Workers: Wishes and gifts are distributed via these amazing support personnel as they have an existing relationship with the family of a chronically ill child and understand how best to give the gift to the parent who may be hesitant to accept charity from a stranger
  • Parents: The anonymous wish-granting process enables and empowers parents to experience the pleasure of presenting holiday and birthday gifts to their children
  • Patients with Chronic Illness: The joy of receiving a gift that has been hand-picked for them by a peer, a luxury that many families take for granted, but is frequently not available to people experiencing poverty

Programs and Services
Angelwish operates the following programs and services:
1. Online Birthday and Holiday Wish Granting
Angelwish pioneered the concept of digital philanthropy, engaging the public to provide critical psychosocial and educational support for children and adolescents living with chronic illnesses all over the world.

2. International Giving
Angelwish offers donors the opportunity to support over 9 programs overseas, where monetary contributions often have the greatest impact. Angelwish collects these funds and redistributes 100% of it to the partner organization to use for medical, nutritional, and educational purposes.

3. Angelwish Holiday Toy Drive
Though our roots are in online fulfillment of wishes, Angelwish is able to support our core values by reaching even more children via physical distribution of toys donated by various toy manufacturers.

4. Students Give Back Program
Angelwish has developed a curriculum for 3rd and 4th grade school children to learn about Philanthropy with Corporate Volunteers. The program is more interactive than most engaging the students in discussions about what Philanthropy is and how they have probably been philanthropists without even knowing it. The activity culminates with an amazing opportunity for the students to become experts and provide advice to the volunteers on the best toys to grant to the sick children of Angelwish. Participating children go on to associate giving back with something fun.

5. Angelwish Team Building Events
Angelwish organizes team building events for corporations around the country. WIFFLE Ball tournaments have been the most popular as they are inclusive for all, regardless of skill level and offer great networking and team bonding opportunities. In the past, we’ve organized Triathlon teams, Winter Olympic Game events, and Video Game contests.

Since Angelwish’s establishment in 1999, it has produced the following accomplishments: 

    • Wishes Granted:
      Angelwish has positively impacted the lives of over 600,000 people through the granting of over 200,000 wishes to children living with chronic illnesses at more than 125 hospitals and care centers on six continents and in nine countries 
  • Donors Engaged:
    More than 22,000 individuals have donated more than $3.6 million to fulfill wishes 
  • Productivity Saved:
    Angelwish has saved our corporate partners more than 67,000 hours of productivity that employees would have been spent on traveling and shopping to participate in traditional workplace toy drives, resulting in over $28M in OP/EX savings for our partners 
  • Philanthropic Lessons Taught:
    Angelwish has introduced more than 600 3rd and 4th graders to ͞The Students Give Back͟ curriculum which we have developed to teach schoolchildren the value of giving back to others

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